Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does ProjectHero deliver so quickly compared to other companies?
  • "A few years ago stories began to spread around the World Wide Web about a superhero. A superhero who according to the sagas, could out code a group of 8 professional coders on heavy caffeine. We at ProjectHero travelled far and wide to discover the origins of these tales and most importantly: where to find this Hero. After a long exhausting journey we found the developer somewhere in the country side. He was complaining about not having enough websites to work on. We recruited him with the promise of more clients to satisfy his need to develop. That is the tale of the first ProjectHero. Now we are able to provide a completely fully functioning top notch website in 3 days "
  • When can we expect website delivery?
  • "We will scope the work with you and then will inform you of how long it will take. But we are confident that we are at least twice as fast than other agencies"
  • What if I wish to have changes made to my website?
  • "Talk to us about the changes you like to make, we will go away and make these changes and let you know when it's done."
  • I do not have any content yet - can I still have my website built?
  • "We will arrange a call and understand your specifications and your business and we will help you write content"
  • Will there be any extra costs?
  • "No. There are no extra costs, however if you would like to upgrade or add new pages then we will scale with you."
  • Is it possible to have the website designed as I wish?
  • "We speak to our clients about their design wishes, and preferences however we let our experts decide on the functionality"

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